2014 Honors nominations due April 15

Dear Colleagues,

The Atmospheric Sciences (AS) section depends on your active engagement for its continued success. Please take a few moments to consider nominating an outstanding individual for one of our Atmospheric Sciences section awards or an AGU Union award, medal, or prize.
AGU’s diverse awards program recognizes members in all career stages, including early career professionals and students. Receiving an AGU award, medal, or prize is a high honor that advances your colleagues’ careers, and establishes them as leaders in the Earth and space sciences.

Nomination Deadline: 15 April
Please review our section’s awards and consider your peers who could benefit from being nominated.
Atmospheric Sciences Ascent Award
James R. Holton Junior Scientist Award
Yoram J. Kaufman Unselfish Cooperation in Research Award

Nomination Deadline: 15 April
There are more than 20 AGU Union awards, medals, and prizes. All Union awards and the Climate Communication Prize are interdisciplinary, and recognize outstanding work across scientific fields.
Union medals that would be of interest to our section include the Bowie Medal, given annually to one honoree in recognition for “outstanding contributions to fundamental geophysics and for unselfish cooperation in research.” Other medals that would appeal to our section include the Ewing Medal, Fleming Medal, Macelwane Medal, and Revelle Medal.

Visit the AGU Honors website, where awards are categorized by science and section. The Union awards, medals, and prize honors are described in detail, together with their qualifying criteria.
Nominations can be submitted by clicking the button on the right-hand side of any AGU Honors web page.
Atmospheric Sciences section award nominations can be submitted here.

Best regards,

Peter Webster
AGU Section President, Atmospheric Sciences