Announcement: Paros Scholarships in Geophysical Instrumentation

Beginning in 2020, the Atmospheric Sciences Section of AGU is proud to offer Paros Scholarships in Geophysical Instrumentation in the amount of $5,000 to recognize outstanding graduate students demonstrating interest in geophysical instrumentation and precision field measurements in seismology, atmospheric sciences, or ocean sciences. We are incredibly grateful for the establishment of this scholarship program, which has been made possible through a generous donation by Jerome M. Paros.

“Good science comes from good observers running good experiments with good sensors,” said Jerome M. Paros, president of Paroscientific, Inc. and Quartz Seismic Sensors, Inc. “Improved measurements directly benefit science, education, and public safety. The Paros Scholarships encourage the development and application of new and improved geophysical instrumentation in the atmospheric, oceanic, and seismic disciplines.”

This program will award three $5,000 scholarships annually. The scholarship can be used to relieve the financial burden associated with graduate studies but does not have to be directly applied to the winners’ research projects or studies. In addition to the cash award, the winner will be presented with an award certificate at an AGU section reception during Fall Meeting and recognized in Eos magazine.

A call for applications will appear soon in our section newsletter, as well as on relevant AGU web pages.