Atmospheric Sciences Section Open Letter: June 2016

Dear Member of the Atmospheric Sciences Community:
The recently initiated decadal survey, Earth Science and Applications From Space (ESAS 2017), is moving along fast. I am writing on behalf of the ESAS 2017 steering committee to bring to your attention a request for community input by 30 June 2016.
This request for information (RFI), distributed previously with a deadline for responses of 1 May 2016, was subsequently extended to 15 May 2016. However, recognizing the importance of capturing thoughts, perspectives, and suggestions from as wide a swath of the community as is practicable, the survey committee has decided to keep the submission site open to accept additional responses through 30 June 2016. The RFI may be found online.
The steering committee also takes this opportunity to encourage interested members of the community to consider organizing, at their institution, a town hall meeting that would provide a local forum for colleagues to discuss and consider any aspect of the survey. (These town hall meetings would precede those the steering committee will host at the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting and 2017 American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting). The steering committee invites town hall meeting organizers to send a short report (no longer than 10 pages) that summarizes the key outcomes of the meeting.
In thinking about holding such town hall meetings, please consider whether it would be valuable to extend an invitation to colleagues in other nearby institutions. Summary town hall reports can be sent until 31 October 2017 and will be posted on the survey’s web page. Organizers should feel free to focus town hall meetings on any aspects of the survey they think are important, such as key science opportunities in the decade ahead, how Earth system science can continue to provide knowledge important to key societal challenges, and the role of technology development and other forms of innovation in the execution of our science.
All of the white papers received to date in response to the two RFIs are available via links within the RFI solicitation posted on the survey website. The steering committee welcomes your continued input through the RFI call and the holding of community-organized town hall meetings in the coming months, after which the next series of critical panel and steering committee meetings will take place.
William K. M. Lau
President, AGU Atmosphere Section