Bjerknes Lecture

BjerknesJacob Bjerknes Lecture

At Fall Meetings, the Atmospheric Sciences Section invites a prominent scientist to deliver a lecture to honor the memory of Jacob Bjerknes.

List of Bjerknes Lecturers

1993 Kirk Bryan
1994 Richard A. Anthes
1995 Syukuro Manabe
1996 Michael J. Prather
1997 Dieter H. Ehhalt
1998 Robert D. Cess
1999 Eugenia Kalnay (View Presentation)
2000 M. Joan Alexander (View Presentation)
2001 David A. Randall (View Presentation)
2002  —
2003 Ralph Keeling (View Presentation)
2004 Mario Molina (View Presentation)
2005 Jonathan Overpeck (View Presentation)
2006 Veerabhadran Ramanathan (View Presentation)
2007 Susan Solomon (View Presentation)
2008 James Hansen (View Presentation) (Download Presentation)
2009 Richard Alley (View Presentation) (Download Presentation)
2010 Tim Palmer (View Presentation) (Download Presentation)
2011 Paul A. Newman (View presentation)
2012 Robert Houze (View presentation)
2013 Judith Lean (View presentation)
2014 Brian Hoskins (View presentation)
2015 Kerry Emanuel (View presentation)
2016 Issac Held
2017 Clara Deser
2018 Peter Webster