Jule Charney Lecture

jcharneyAt the AGU Fall Meeting, the Atmospheric Sciences Section invites a prominent scientist to deliver a lecture to honor the memory of Jule G. Charney. An extensive biography of Jule Charney by Norman A. Phillips can be found here.

List of Charney Lecturers

1993 Jerry Mahlman
1995 David Rind
1996 Mark Schoeberl
1998 James Anderson
1999 John (Mike) Wallace (View Presentation)
2000 Kevin Hamilton (View Presentation)
2001 Kerry Emanuel (View Presentation)
2002 Thomas Peter (View Presentation)
2005 David W. J. Thompson (View Presentation)
2006 Brian Mapes (View Presentation)
2007 Peter Webster
2008 Owen Brian Toon (View Presentation)
2009 Inez Fung
2010 Ellen Mosley-Thompson (View Presentation) (Download Presentation)
2011 Graeme Stephens (View Presentation)
2012 Drew Shindell (View Presentation)
2013 Leonard A. Smith
2014 Ulrike Lohman (View Presentation)
2015 Meinrat Andreae (View Presentation)
2016 Daniel Jacob
2017 Bjorn Stevens
2018 Paul Newman