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  • Tim Palmer receives 2014 Dirac Gold medal

    Posted 07/19/14

    Tim Palmer, Professor at Oxford, and one of our AGU fellows, has received the 2014 Dirac Gold medal. This is a remarkable achievement in so many ways. It is extremely prestigious, on one hand, and it has been awarded to one working in geophysics for the first time! – Peter Webster  

  • Interested in writing an article for our Newsletter?

    Posted 04/08/14

    We are looking for articles to the next issue of the AGU Atmospheric Sciences Section Newsletter! The articles can be of any topics related to Atmospheric Sciences research. You may write a short or long article, depending on your interest. Interested? So, send an e-mail to our Editor, Violeta Toma. She’ll be glad to hear […]

  • 2014 Honors nominations due April 15

    Posted 04/04/14

    Dear Colleagues, The Atmospheric Sciences (AS) section depends on your active engagement for its continued success. Please take a few moments to consider nominating an outstanding individual for one of our Atmospheric Sciences section awards or an AGU Union award, medal, or prize. AGU’s diverse awards program recognizes members in all career stages, including early […]

  • Winner of the 2013 Kaufman Award


    The winner of the 2013 Kaufman Award is Samuel J. Oltmans (CIRES, University of Colorado). Congratulations!

  • Winner of the 2013 Holton Award


    The winner of the 2013 Holton Award is Massimo A. Bollasina (NOAA/GFDL). Congratulations!

  • Our revamped website is almost ready!


    We are very thrilled to announce that soon our new website (the one you are visualizing now) will be ready! We will bring you new features, such as a revamped version of our Newsletter and the use of Twitter! So, stay tuned!

  • Winners of the 2013 new Ascent Awards

    Posted 12/04/13

    We are excited to announce the winners of the 2013 new Ascent Awards: Cecilia Bitz (University of Washington): For advacing our ability to model climate in numerous ways, especially relating to sea ice. Paul Ginoux (NOAA GFDL): For sustained pioneering work on aerosols. Mark Jacobson (Stanford University): For his dominating role in the development of […]

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