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  • Join The Challenge: The Austin Endowment For Student Travel

    Posted 12/18/18

    As AGU’s Centennial is approaching and we look beyond, the strong commitment of AGU members and donors is needed now to ensure that the Earth and space science community is prepared to tackle the mounting global challenges in the 21st century. We have a unique opportunity to act right now. As an example of AGU […]

  • Vote in the AGU 2014 Election

    Posted 08/21/14

    Article written by: AGU, USA The AGU 2014 Election is underway and members are electing leaders for the next term, which starts 1 January 2015. Elected AGU leaders will serve two years and will play an essential role in decisions on how to better serve and engage members in the advancement of AGU’s mission and […]

  • Tim Palmer receives the 2014 Dirac gold medal

    Posted 07/21/14

    Article written by: Dr. Peter Webster (AGU, USA) The Institute of Physics is one of the premier scientific organizations in the United Kingdom. It fosters excellence in physics through a variety of efforts in the same manner as the American Geophysics Union and the American Meteorological society fosters geophysics, meteorology and oceanography.  Foremost in the […]

  • Research Travel to Cuba

    Posted 06/25/14

    Article written by: Prof. Alan Robock (Rutgers, USA) Scientists on the roof of INSMET (Cuban Institute of Meteorology) during the December 14, 2011, visit, with Havana in the background. Left-to-right: Juan Carlos Peláez, Daniel Martínez, Anne M. Thompson, Alan Robock, Pablo Varona, and Mario Gutiérrez.    The President of the AGU Atmospheric Sciences Section, Anne M. […]

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