Past Secretaries

Past Secretaries of the Atmospheric Sciences Section (Meteorology Section before 1982)

1920-1929 A. J. Henry

1929-1935 O. H. Gish

1935-1947 H. D. Harradon

1947-1974 Woodrow C. Jacobs

1974-1978 J. Murray Mitchell, Jr.

1978-1980 Ronald Taylor

1980-1982 Jay S. Winston

1982-1984 Ronald C. Taylor

1984-1986 Rex Fleming

1986-1988 Ronald L. Lavoie

1988-1990 William H. Beasley

1990-1992 Anne M. Thompson

1992-1994 Bruce A. Albrecht

1994-1996 Joyce E. Penner

In 1996, the Atmospheric Science section divided the secretarial duties between two secretaries, each covering different topics:

Atmospheric Chemistry

1996-1998 Patricia Quinn

1998-2000 Jack A. Kaye

2000-2002 Linnea M. Avallone

2002-2004 Paul C. Novelli

2004-2006 Paul O. Wennberg

2006-2008 Mary Barth

Atmospheric Physics and Climate

1996-1998 Richard Arimoto

1998-2000 Kenneth P. Bowman

2000-2002 Mark P. Baldwin

2002-2004 Drew T. Shindell

2004-2006 Arun Kumar

2006-2008 John Bates


In 2008, the Atmospheric Science section divided the secretarial duties between three secretaries, each covering different topics:

Composition and Chemistry

2008-2010 Russell R. Dickerson

2010-2012 Sasha Madronich

Physics, Dynamics, and Climate

2008-2012 Natalia G. Andronova

Aerosols and Clouds

2008-2010 Eric J. Jensen

2010-2012 Surabi Menon